We offer hundreds of washi tape,you could pick up the items from category by technology,holiday,design concept and patterns style. when you click on one of the type like WASHI TAPE, more way to purchase the washi tape by feature filte with size,printing method and tag, hope you happy crafting!

Main Technology of washi tape

Main Technology of washi tape including solid color,pantone color (PMS) washi tape and CMYK,holographic and foil printing,glitter tape,printed glitter/sparkle tape,masking roll sticker,coloring tape,easy tear with dotted line sticker,die cut washi tape,and we come up with the new one scented washi tape,also call scratch and sniff washi tape,200 scents are available as following fragrance list.

fragrance list

Welcome scents sample for customized too!

Christmas washi tape

Christmas washi tape patterns

Christmas washi tape design

Christmas washi tape series

We get ready stock design for 2020 Christmas washi tape from 2019,just tell us the code that you are interesting,we will try our best to catch up with your sales season.

Halloween washi tape

Halloween washi tape design

Halloween washi tape designs are alway come along with Christmas,and we would restock in advance.

Valentine's Day Series washi tape

Valentine's Day Series washi tape design

Valentine's Day Series washi tape design are ready for first time Valentine's Day with lover,or everlasting.Romance designs are good for gift wrapping and private card decoration.

Easter Washi Tape

Easter Washi Tape,the children would love the sweets design by "Trick or Treat"

Hot sale washi tape designs

Hot sale washi tape patterns

Simply alway good for daily life,people like freedom and slowly when they have time.

washi tape application

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