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Road washi tape set

Toy tape set including 1 roll road tape 60mmx10m 1 roll railway tape 60mmx10m 1 roll warning tape 30mmx10m 4 sheets traffic sign 150mmx300mm weight per set:204g box size:15.8*5.7*5.4cm inner carton: weight:185g size:29.5*24.5*17cm quantity:20 outer carton: weight:812g size:51*30*36.5cm quantity:4

Valentine's day washi tape suit

8 rolls/box [15mm*5m *3 roll] [10mm*5m*4 roll] [5mm*5m*1 roll]

Subscription boxes

Ten roll of washi tape, A pair of scissors, A set of watercolor pens, A neutral pen, A notebook.


SIZE:25.5*21.5*11 CM About 2.1~2.4kg lucky box 100~120 roll / parcel, including 2 display boxes, 69USD/parcel including the shipping cost. Limited for 50 parcel only. Avaliable for American, Asia, Australian, Canada, Europe, Japan, Korea

2020 Washi Tape Presell Product -Wednesday, November 27, 2019
Presale washi tape designs will be producted on 15th Dec.2019 and be released on store on 1st Jan. 2020. We only choose the hot picking designs which over 200 pcs for production, welcome restock the Valentine's Day washi tape in time.
Exhibitor love our our custom and over 1000 stock design washi tape in ISOT JUNE 2019