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Festive Christmas Washi Tape Crafts - 0 Comments


 If you’ve never used washi tape, the holidays are the perfect time. These new Christmas washi tape designs are perfect for gifts and home decor.


And if you haven’t used washi tape, you are missing out – this is one of the easiest craft supplies to use EVER. There are a few techniques, but mostly you just tape it to stuff. But it has patterns on it, and that’s what makes it better.


Not convinced? Scroll down for some awesome Christmas washi tape craft ideas. I promise you’ll be itching to buy your first roll!

5 DIYs To Make With Halloween Washi Tape - 0 Comments

Gather round, my spooky little friends, because we need to have a heart-to-heart about Halloween 2020.

Let’s start planning our decoration and costumes as early as now. The whole point of craft supplies is to MAKE something from it, so today we’re going to do just that with these 15 DIYs you can make with Halloween washi tape.



This is such a simple DIY using just a paper plate and washi tape, that even the craft-challenged or youngest kiddos could make this. (I’m thinking my four-year-old niece would love it!) 



We all know I love a good banner, and adding washi tape to a simple craft like this is perfect! The prints add a bit of pizzaz and texture to these paper cards. 



Grab a cheap picture frame from the dollar store – or even an old one that needs a makeover – and create your own patterned Halloween frame using spooky washi tapes. This is so clever – and perfect for showcasing Halloween costumes year after year! 



Does your fridge need a little Halloween decor this year? Make these easy magnet clips using clothespins and a bit of washi tape. You can dress them up however you want with embellishments or keep them simple. 



Much like washi tape, I have a small stash of 3-4 craft pumpkins…and have yet to turn them into anything. I love this idea of jazzing them up with a little washi tape! 

We hope these ideas have gotten your creativity flowing and you’re excited to use up your stash of Halloween washi tape! Because hey – once you make all these DIYs and use all your tape…it’ll be the perfect time to restock!

Silver Holographic Foil Washi Tape Collection - 0 Comments

 Add spark to your everyday creations with this beautiful set of washi tapes. These decorative masking tapes are printed with gorgeous silver foil illustrations of stars, moon and clover on colorful holographic backgrounds. Mark your calendar – July 5th!



Pre-selling here: https://www.washitape.com.cn/en/new-design-for-midsummer-washi-tape

Beautify Your Next Spread With These Delightful Skinny Washi Tapes - 0 Comments

Washi tape is growing so fast in popularity. This growth is especially prominent among the bullet journaling and DIY communities.

Washi tape is a decorative tape which is a great addition to any DIY project or bullet journal.

Similar to stickers, stamps, and stencils, washi tape helps to add a creative edge to your project or bullet journal spread.



These super skinny washi tapes feature some cute little patterns and designs. If you don’t have a tone of space in your planner, then this one is perfect.

These Daily Skinny Washi Tape is a great way to frame computer monitors, keyboards, wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner. Try to add a set to your cart today and get creative!


Many Ways to Use Postage Stamp Masking Tape - 0 Comments

Postage stamp masking tape is a perfect addition to your washi tape collection. Add quick color and fun accents to all of your projects with washi tape. Super popular and easy-to-use, this crafting tape roll features an assortment of stamps and postmarks, perfect for adding a special touch to paper crafts, party décor, handmade cards, personalized items and more.

You can also decorate your notebooks, crafts, and any DIY projects with beautiful postage stamp masking tapes! This tape features different kinds of beautiful scenery, greeting and painting stamp designs that are especially perfect for adding in your letters!

Beautify and add a nice personal touch to your letters, notes, and diary with this lovely tape.


5 Ways to Sweeten Desserts Using Washi Tape - 0 Comments
Planning a party? Sweeten your desserts using washi tape as décor. Check this cool video tutorial from Sugarcoder!
Get Creative with Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal - 0 Comments

Using Washi Tape in your bullet journal can help take your spreads to the next level with ease. If you’re anything like me, you look at stunning bujo spreads online and wish you could do the same. Some of you might be super talented, but for those like me, I needed a leg up and Washi Tape did just that!


How To Use Washi Tape In A Bullet Journal

What is really great about using Washi Tape in your bullet journal is you can pick up a bunch of rolls for very cheap. This gives you a lot of options on how to use it. Using Washi Tape can also help make good looking pages pretty quickly, there are some people who spend hours making a single page, I just don’t have time for that!


Time Block Your Weekly Spreads

One thing I really like with digital options is the ability to have bars that extend across multiple days to track certain blocks of time. Using Washi Tape lets me quickly do this in my weekly or monthly spreads.


Make Quick Work Of Common Elements

I just discovered they make Washi Tape with checkboxes! Make a to-do list quickly with this tape. They also have Washi Tape days of the week and Washi Tape monthly Calendars.

Your Turn!

The thing I like the best about Washi Tape when I’m bullet journaling is that I can quickly add a good-looking pattern to a page without needing a lot of artistic skill. Beyond just decorating, it lets me color code important things, cover up mistakes, and create grids for lists or calendars quickly.


How do you use Washi Tape in your journal?



Make your Bullet Journal Minimalist and More Functional - 0 Comments
One of the biggest challenges with using a bullet journal is how much time that can be wasted making bujo collections and spreads look pretty. Especially for someone who has no artistic bone in their bodies, it takes FOREVER to add a little personality to the pages. But with the wonderful, wonderful existence of bullet journal accessories, it is so easy to dress up your pages while still being practical with my planner and time.
How to Boost Brand Awareness - 0 Comments
What if we told you that you could get people to pay their own money to advertise for your brand? Yes, you read that correctly, they take their hard-earned money and advertise for your restaurant, medical company, or hardware supply store. They walk around displaying your logo, put it all over their social media, and even answer questions about your brand for you. Would you believe us?
Global Design Team - 0 Comments

These days, it’s common to use printing services and digital media to advertise and promote products and services, and business owners are often unaware of the myriad benefits of excellent graphic design.

With our Global contract designers, we make sure on releasing new designs every month. Attract more attention from your desired demographics on your next project! Get in touch with our team and please feel free to register for wholesale price here.