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Artist series watercolor - 0 Comments

Isa Catto is a professional artist who has spent the last twenty five years working in watercolor and mixed media, as well as teaching workshops at arts institutions around the country, including Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Snowmass, CO, and the Kohler Arts Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. She is represented by Harvey Meadows Gallery and Kristy Stubbs Gallery. Her studio has expanded into both textile and interior design.


Gold foil washi tape - 0 Comments

Gold washi tape was printed in gold foil film using heat transfer technology, including gold, silver, holographic, and difference kind of solid colors and patterns. After printed on the CMYK/PMS surface look more elegance and lady style.


Washi Tape + Easter = Awesome - 0 Comments

It’s time for Easter celebrations again! Looking for unique ideas to decorate your own Easter eggs? Decorating Easter eggs does not have to be difficult or messy. You can easily achieve great effects with washi tapes, washi stickers and transfer stickers!


Do y’all know about Washi Tape?

It’s like masking tape, but instead of boring cream-color it comes in a bazillion different beautiful patterns and designs.

If extra money was flying around our Happy Home, I think we’d all be in trouble of me not being able to practice any self-control by spending it all on Washi Tape!

The bright and happy Washi Tape colors make it the perfect thing for Easter projects.

So, for all you Washi Tape Addicts, here are a few of my favorite Easter Washi Tape Ideas…

Grab these cute washi tapes featured on our latest collection!



I Heart Crafty Things: Spring Washi Tapes - 0 Comments

Washi tape is one of my favorite materials for crafting because it’s very easy to buy, it’s cheap and the crafts with it are incredibly easy, even kids and unskilled crafters can make them. There are many colors and patterns to choose from plus you can create your own ones, so washi tape is perfect for various kinds of spring décor. Let’s see what you can make having just some washi tape.

Add a splash of color to your home with decorative tape you can easily remove, for example, revamp vases. Customise drab bottles, vases and Mason jars in an instant with a few strips of colorful washi tape – perfect for a quick spring refresh.

There are thousands of ways to decorate eggs for Easter, and here’s one more simple idea to do that – using washi tape. Take washi tape of different colors and patterns and just attach it to the eggs making them bold and cool.

You won’t believe how easy it is to customize a plain vase for spring! The whole craft is to wrap the washi tape around the vase, it’s easiest if you pick a part that’s pretty straight up and down, not a curvy section, otherwise it will be tough to get it on without having it wrinkle.


Pallets are very popular for crafting, and you can use craft sticks to imitate them and make small coasters. Cover them with colorful washi tape to spruce them up for spring.

Washi Tape Ideas: Thanksgiving Craft + More - 0 Comments

Autumn is officially in full swing. However, it’s possible that you haven’t begun your fall crafting yet! Worry not, because I gathered up easy washi tape crafts that you can complete in a flash. Before you know it, you’ll have new washi tape projects that make great fall decorations and thanksgiving activities, and more!

It should be noted that each of these crafts can be completed by yourself or used as fun fall crafts to make with the kids. With the whole family in on the action, you’ll have an entire array of washi tape ideas ready to turn your house into an enchanting autumn wonderland!

Making a Thanksgiving vase using washi tape is incredibly easy

Thanksgiving candle holders

Washi Tape Thankful Cards & Tree

While your guests are waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, they can talk about what they feel thankful for this year. If you make a Washi Tape Thankful Cards, they can write down what they’re grateful for and it becomes a part of your decorations. The Thanksgiving thankful tree will be a reminder to not take what you have for granted. Thanksgiving is about being grateful and spending time with your friends and family. This washi tape craft idea is a great interactive activity that emphasizes the deeper meaning for the holiday.


If you enjoyed this Thanksgiving crafts, please share it with your friends or pin it for later.


Christmas Stamp Washi Tape - 0 Comments

Christmas is just around the corner and if you are looking for a nice little do-it-yourself project, this Christmas stamp washi tapes might just be a great inspiration for you.

These tapes are perfect to use on any of your paper projects! Use as a border to make unique scrapbook pages! This tape has the perfect amount of adhesive; letting the tape hold firm when it needs to and; if needed; being able to remove with minimal chance of tear.

Washi is such a quick way to add character and color.

Adding festive touch to your journals and planners

Perfect for your greeting cards

Decors that will make you feel the holiday season!

We also have a limited edition christmas series!

Festive Christmas Washi Tape Crafts - 0 Comments


 If you’ve never used washi tape, the holidays are the perfect time. These new Christmas washi tape designs are perfect for gifts and home decor.


And if you haven’t used washi tape, you are missing out – this is one of the easiest craft supplies to use EVER. There are a few techniques, but mostly you just tape it to stuff. But it has patterns on it, and that’s what makes it better.


Not convinced? Scroll down for some awesome Christmas washi tape craft ideas. I promise you’ll be itching to buy your first roll!

5 DIYs To Make With Halloween Washi Tape - 0 Comments

Gather round, my spooky little friends, because we need to have a heart-to-heart about Halloween 2020.

Let’s start planning our decoration and costumes as early as now. The whole point of craft supplies is to MAKE something from it, so today we’re going to do just that with these 15 DIYs you can make with Halloween washi tape.



This is such a simple DIY using just a paper plate and washi tape, that even the craft-challenged or youngest kiddos could make this. (I’m thinking my four-year-old niece would love it!) 



We all know I love a good banner, and adding washi tape to a simple craft like this is perfect! The prints add a bit of pizzaz and texture to these paper cards. 



Grab a cheap picture frame from the dollar store – or even an old one that needs a makeover – and create your own patterned Halloween frame using spooky washi tapes. This is so clever – and perfect for showcasing Halloween costumes year after year! 


Much like washi tape, I have a small stash of cute cupcakes…and have yet to turn them into anything. I love this idea of jazzing them up with a little washi tape! 

We hope these ideas have gotten your creativity flowing and you’re excited to use up your stash of Halloween washi tape! Because hey – once you make all these DIYs and use all your tape…it’ll be the perfect time to restock!

Silver Holographic Foil Washi Tape Collection - 0 Comments

 Add spark to your everyday creations with this beautiful set of washi tapes. These decorative masking tapes are printed with gorgeous silver foil illustrations of stars, moon and clover on colorful holographic backgrounds. Mark your calendar – July 5th!



Pre-selling here: https://www.washitape.com.cn/en/new-design-for-midsummer-washi-tape

Beautify Your Next Spread With These Delightful Skinny Washi Tapes - 0 Comments

Washi tape is growing so fast in popularity. This growth is especially prominent among the bullet journaling and DIY communities.

Washi tape is a decorative tape which is a great addition to any DIY project or bullet journal.

Similar to stickers, stamps, and stencils, washi tape helps to add a creative edge to your project or bullet journal spread.



These super skinny washi tapes feature some cute little patterns and designs. If you don’t have a tone of space in your planner, then this one is perfect.

These Daily Skinny Washi Tape is a great way to frame computer monitors, keyboards, wrap pens and pencils and highlight those important dates in your planner. Try to add a set to your cart today and get creative!