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November washi tape - 0 Comments


Washi Tape Use: use and paper as the base material, paper is soft, suitable for sports equipment, rubber, plastic parts and construction site, interior, exterior decoration, decoration spray, brush paint shelter use.Viscosity moderate, for most of the smooth surface, bending or corner has a good adhesion and shelter, good operation, after use quickly tear, leaving no residual glue.

Washi Tape Design with Onemaji - 0 Comments

Inspired by five conservation animals, created a series of Maji, intended to be good friends. The five animals are Formosan Black Bear (Gogo Bear), Sika Deer (Lilu Deer), Takasago Dog (Tomato Dog), Farmland Tree Frog (Raining Flog) and Prionailurus Bengalensis (Tiger Cat). To convey education, culture and more positive energy through cute animal images.Taiwaimal is borderless, evoking the world to respond to environmental protection, guarding the land, protecting the earth, making the image not only a flat visual image, but also having different levels of depth, not only rich in story, but also hope to add educational significance.



Washi Tape Designer - Ally - 0 Comments

Ally is Qcustom’s 10 years experience deigner, do well in Europe and American simple style washi tape design, works for OEM and ODM customers from all over the world, she is familiar with washi tape production process from paper to finish rolls, consider the highest quality and value, make sure pay less gain more for every order, layout drawing over 20,000 design cases!

Scented Washi Tape - 0 Comments
Our new trend product original scented washi tape,scratch and sniff washi tape,fruity washi tape
Qcustom washi tape - 0 Comments





Nature washi paper

Soft and thin paper 


Coated with Acrylic glue 

Hand to tear no residue


Paper core or plastic core

Good abrasion and adhesion


plastic capsule 

Good flexibility


Shrink wraping 

Can be printed 6 PMS colors and CMYK


Label Sticker

Waterproof and writable

qcustom manzawa washi tape manufacturer - 0 Comments


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Fragrance washi tape - 0 Comments

orange scratch and sniff washi tape

scent and sniff washi tape


ocean scent and sniff washi tape

 rose scent and sniff washi tape


Best selling washi tape set - 0 Comments

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Best selling washi tape set

New Product -August - 0 Comments

Our designers are from all around the world,each month come up with dozen of premium new patterns,welcome licensor and artist join our alliance strategy,share the color to the world.

famous artist for Manzawa deisgn

>www.washitape.com.cn design from famous artist studio

summer color of artist series washi tape

artist foil washi tape

Full year season series planning from Spring to Winter.

artist series set

Finish washi tape set with boutique package exclusive for Washi Tape Warehouse,the best design and the best price directly from factory warehouse.

What Is Washi Tape - 0 Comments
We offer hundreds of washi tape,you could pick up the items from category by technology,holiday,design concept and patterns style. when you click on one of the type like WASHI TAPE, more way to purchase the washi tape by feature filte with size,printing method and tag, hope you happy crafting! Find professional washi tape manufacturers and suppliers in China here. Please feel free to wholesale bulk discount washi tape in stock here from our factory. For customized service and price consultation, contact us now. info@washitape.com.cn